Candelo Blues Club, Candelo NSW 2550, Australia
Candelo Blues Club, Candelo NSW 2550, Australia    
NEXT JAM: Sunday 9th December 2018, at 2:00pm [This Month - updated 19th November 2018]

COMING up...

Here's a taste of things coming up, both at the CBC and further afield...

  • Sunday 9th December: Candelo Blues Club monthly jam - hosted by the Mark Harley Band

  • Sunday 13th January: Candelo Blues Club monthly jam - 3rd Anniversary - hosted by Blues On Tap

  • Sunday 10th February: Candelo Blues Club monthly jam - hosted by Julian James (Victoria)

  • Friday 15th February: Louis King's Royal Blue Trio - Melbourne-based jump blues outfit

  • Sunday 10th March: Candelo Blues Club monthly jam - hosted by Blues On Tap

  • Saturday 6th April: Band2gether - Ongoing support for disaster relief in the Bega Valley
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    [Saturday 06/04/2019]

    After the success of the Band Together concert on 26th May, 2018, Band2gether has been announced and is in planning right now. The Candelo Blues Club will again be supporting this fundraising event. We sincerely hope you will too.

    The Candelo Blues Club Band2gether Blues Hall (a.k.a. the CBC BLUES HALL) will feature six first-class blues acts on its own dedicated, blues-only stage. Blues fans shouldn't miss this opportunity to get their blues fix at the festival!

  • Blues On Tap (NSW)
  • The New Savages (VIC)
  • Julian James (VIC)
  • Moondog Blues Band (WA)
  • Chris Harland Blues Band (ACT)
  • Groove Kings (ACT)
  • Save the date (Saturday 6th April, 2019) and stay tuned for further announcements...

    Band2Gether Music Festival

    This month...

    [UPDATE 19/11/2018]

    Jesse Valach, Charlie Bedford, Frank Sultana and the Illegal Bootleg Band show.

    What a great show this was! By all accounts it was first-class and if you weren't there you missed something special. We're trying hard to bring you the best in blues from outside our region and this show was an example of what we mean.

    Here is just some of the positive feedback we got from this show...

  • A thoroughly enjoyable gig. Thanks to all involved.

  • It was an amazing night. Such great talent . Hope to see them all again.....maybe at Candelo?

  • [About Frank Sultana] … I thought his slow, slide laden blues, was some of the most beautiful & soulful stuff of its type I'd ever heard! His CD 'Abstract in Blue Vol 1' has this stuff on it; awesome.

  • [About Frank Sultana] Wow, what a voice!

  • Just home from an amazing night of blues music put on by Candelo Blues Club.. the big voice of Frank Sultana was the opening support and then we had 17 year old wiz kid Charlie Bedford and the amazing Jesse Valach trading blues licks over 2 sets.. wow.. Both quality players with a great rhythm section keeping it tight all night. Our own Paul Leeder was cooking on bass and showed again that he is up there with the best.. thanks Candelo Blues Club.. a top quality line up.

  • If you [Paulo] think the show was good from where you were you should have been in the audience. We got to see all the great action plus the grins on the muso's faces as they explored the limits of where they could take this untried combo, albeit comprising 5 brilliant musicians. It's hard to believe that you haven't been playing together for years. … not forgetting Frank Sultana who got everyone in the groove to start the night. Once again you and your merry band have pulled off another sensational night, hope there are many more.

  • A great night of blues, Paulo, thanks!

  • This [Facebook clip] was just one of the magic moments on Friday night as the awesome Candelo Blues Club (CBC) shifted venue to Club Sapphire Merimbula for a 1st class show. Frank Sultana led the performance with deep blues and beautiful slide guitar backed by his amazing voice and style. After that came Jesse Valach and Charlie Bedford on lead guitar backed by Paul Leeder on bass, Gary Dahan on drums and Jackson Fisher starring on keyboard. I grabbed just a few minutes of this [Facebook clip] hope you can get some idea of the talent on show - and look out for future events I can't wait to see what else Gary and Paul can come up with.
  • ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    [UPDATE 12/11/2018]

    The jam just seems to get better and better! The place was jumpin' with a full jam board and a houseful of enthusiastic punters. The venue has seen some minor internal mods allowing a bit more room for diners and a little floor space for dancers. Paul and Jess Cummings have taken over management of the Candelo Hotel from Keith and Chris and this month's bumper jam day was a great way to welcome the new management.

    If you missed the jam, here is who and what you missed...

    NOVEMBER jammers:

    Opening set from Blues On Tap (host band), comprising:

  • Lucy Fisher - vocals
  • Frut Heffernan - drums
  • Paul ('Paulo') Leeder - bass
  • Don Ryan - guitar
  • John ('JD') Drews - keys
  • Chris Tominich - harp

    Set 2

  • Ian Fisher - commentary for Armistice Day

    Set 3

  • Manny Aigner - vocals & guitar

    Set 4

  • Mark Hobbs - vocals & guitar
  • Gary ('Maddog') Morley - drums
  • Paul ('Paulo') Leeder - bass
  • Chris Tominich - harp

    Set 5

  • Kevin Riley - vocals & harp
  • Chris ('Foxy') Fox - drums
  • Ian Fisher - bass
  • John Whelan - guitar
  • Mark Hobbs - guitar

    Set 6

  • Sam Stephenson - vocals & guitar

    Set 7

  • Phil Harris - vocals & guitar
  • Ken Vatcher - drums
  • Dave Crowden - bass

    Closing set from Blues On Tap (host band), comprising:

  • Lucy Fisher - vocals
  • Frut Heffernan - drums
  • Paul ('Paulo') Leeder - bass
  • Don Ryan - guitar
  • John ('JD') Drews - keys
  • Chris Tominich - harp
  • If we've missed anyone or misspelt or otherwise gotten your name wrong, please let us know so we can fix it.

    And a note to prospective jammers:

  • Please watch the jam board so you know when your set is due.
  • Be tuned up and ready to walk on and start playing promptly.
  • Don't go overtime - 3 songs or twenty minutes maximum.
  • Clear the stage promptly at the end of your set.
  • Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    [UPDATE 1/11/2018]

    The October newsletter is now live. Click on the Archive link...

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Remember to keep the Canberra Blues Society in mind when next you visit Canberra as they have a very healthy monthly jam, as well as occasional other events...

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The Candelo Blues Club's NEXT JAM will be on Sunday 9th December 2018 at 2:00pm in the Candelo Hotel.

    There'll be plenty of room for jammers on the jam board (if you get in early!) and plenty of room for punters to sit back and enjoy the blues vibe. Tell everyone you know and come out to Candelo for a fabulous afternoon of blues music.

    This is a FREE event for competent jammers of all ages - there's no charge to enter the jam or to attend the event. See you there! :)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The Candelo Hotel does great food but it's a good idea to book ahead for lunch. Look out for JAM DAY LUNCH SPECIALS for all Candelo Blues Club patrons. The dining room is open from 11:30am on jam days with last lunch orders preferred by 2:00pm.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Photos from the jams can be found on our Facebook page. If you'd like to procure a copy of any of them sans watermark, please contact our photographer, Sally Foster.

    WHERE is it?...

    The Candelo Blues Club jam happens at the -

  • Candelo Hotel

    Candelo Hotel, Candelo NSW 2550, Australia

  • 11 Sharp Street, Candelo NSW 2550

  • phone: (02) 6493 2214

  • email:

  • jam info: contact Paulo

    The Candelo Hotel is a fabulous little country pub with a great, music-friendly atmosphere. Keith, Chris and Paul are your hosts and they're always ready to meet and greet newcomers and regulars alike. The dining room is open from 11:30am on jam days with last lunch orders preferred by 2:00pm.

    If you're travelling from afar and are looking for nearby accommodation try...

  • Candles at Candelo, 24 Hood Street, Candelo. Your host: Lee Elliott; m: 0424 207 650; e:

  • Mountain Whispers, 7-9 Kameruka Street, Candelo. Your host: Lee Elliott; m: 0424 207 650; e:

  • Big Rock Candy Mountain, 38-42 Power Street, Candelo. Your host: Carol Holden; t: 02 6493 2325; m: 0439 658 483; e:

  • Bumblebrook Farm Motel, 25 Kemps Lane, Candelo. Your hosts: Wendy and Alan Cross; t: 02 6493 2238; m: 0411 041 622

  • The airbnb website

  • There's also FREE CAMPING in the park in the middle of Candelo village.

  • WHEN is it?...

    The Candelo Blues Club jam is a monthly event which happens on the -

  • 2nd SUNDAY of each month (unless notified otherwise)

  • at 2:00pm

  • in 2018-2019...

  • 08 July
  • 12 August
  • 09 September
  • 14 October
  • 11 November
  • 09 December
  • 13 January - 3rd anniversary!
  • 10 February
  • 10 March
  • 14 April
  • 12 May
  • 09 June

  • WHAT is it?...

    The Candelo Blues Club jam is a monthly event for all musicians who would like to play some BLUES MUSIC. It is open to musicians of all ages, standards, instruments and music tastes. BUT, the stipulation is that ONLY BLUES MUSIC be performed. This is a BLUES MUSIC jam and other music genres will not be accepted on the day. However, blues music is pretty broad when you get down to it - slow blues, jump blues, jazz blues, swing blues, electric blues, acoustic blues, Chicago blues, funk blues...

    The house band will usually host the jam, presenting a feature opening and, time permitting, closing set. From time to time we will present an alternative feature act/artist from the wider blues community to host the jam.

    Non-participating music lovers are welcome too. Come along, enjoy the music and the vibe, and support the players (be they beginners or seasoned pros).

    Here's an interview with Paulo about the Candelo Blues Club launch. Jase Holley is the interviewer.

    The Candelo Blues Club was launched on Sunday 10th January 2016.

    The jam is currently FREE of entry charge but DONATIONS are gratefully accepted. There is a donations tin on the bar at every jam.

    Visit, Like and Share us on our Facebook page.

    N.B. This is NOT an 'open mic' event. If you are looking for somewhere to strut your poetry, comedy, rock/jazz/pop/folk/grunge/metal/etc music then best to move along; there's nothing for you here. We're here for NOTHIN' BUT THE BLUES!

    The Canberra Blues Society has a discussion of what constitutes the blues here: What is the Blues?

    WHY is it?...

    The Candelo Blues Club jam was created by Paul (Paulo) Leeder to provide a forum specifically for blues music in the Far South Coast region of NSW, Australia. It aims to give expression to blues music through regular jam sessions featuring musicians of all standards, both local and out-of-town, who wish to play the blues.

    There are musicians out there who may not play the blues as their usual thing but wish to dabble a little when the opportunity presents itself. The Candelo Blues Club jam aims to provide that opportunity.

    There are also the newcomers to playing in front of a live audience - be they young or old - who would benefit from the opportunity to play with some more-advanced musicians. If you can get from the count-in to the end of the tune competently, step right up!

    Blues music has a broad and diverse following spanning all age groups and, apart from occasional nearby festivals and visits to the region by touring blues acts, there is little else to enjoy on a regular basis. Paulo wants to change that! A lofty ideal perhaps...but with your support it can work.

    Founding members:

  • Don Ryan
  • Heather Leeder
  • Jase Holley
  • Jock Logus
  • John Fraser
  • Keith Cummings
  • Paul (Paulo) Leeder
  • Sally Foster

  • HOW does it work?...

    The Candelo Blues Club jam works like this -

    The host band/act will open the session with a full set of blues designed to set the tone for the day. Then the jammers will take over - playing the blues (and nothin' but the blues!). Members of the host band/act will provide instrumental support to jammers as needed. If there's time at the end of the day's session, the host band/act will close with a short set.

    If you have a band that would like to participate, that's fine too. Just book a jam slot for the band, perhaps with some added guests.

    Your jam slot...

  • You will have 20 minutes to perform up to three songs

  • Please tune up your instrument(s) prior to your set

  • Time wasted unnecessarily on stage will be deducted from your slot

    We provide...

  • PA

  • Bass rig (Fender Rumble 500)

  • Drum kit (Sonor Smart Force Xtend)

  • Session sign-up board

  • Help and support

    You BYO...

  • Instrument(s)

  • Drumsticks

  • Snare and cymbals (optional)

  • Guitar/other amps, etc.

  • Good attitude and a smile!

    Then (on the day or beforehand) you...

  • Contact Paulo to register your interest

  • Have your name and instrument added to the session sign-up board

  • Watch the jam board so you know when your set is due

  • Be tuned up and ready to walk on

  • Promptly start and end your set on time

  • Don't go overtime - 3 songs or twenty minutes maximum

  • Clear the stage promptly at the end of your set

  • Treat all supplied equipment with respect

  • Treat the venue, staff and patrons with respect

  • Adhere to all rules and directives for smooth running of the event

  • Be positive in your support of your fellow jammers

  • Have fun!


  • Observe the "NO Roadhouse Blues rule" - it's not a blues song! Nor is Whiter Shade of Pale.

  • Just because a song has "blues" in the title does not make it a blues song; e.g. Still Got The Blues For You.

  • Observe the "NO Mustang Sally rule" - please!

  • This is a BLUES MUSIC jam - please stick to the script!

  • A valuable resource for further research is:

  • Meet the house band...

    The Candelo Blues Club house band is Blues on Tap and is available for bookings. Contact Paulo for details.


    Don Ryan
    John (JD) Drews
    Lucy Fisher
    John Fraser
    Paul (Paulo) Leeder
    Blues on Tap

    Sample 1:
    (Slow blues)

    October 2016 jam

    Tears Came Rollin'
    (John Mayall)

    Sample 2:
    (Up-tempo blues)

    October 2016 jam

    Howlin' at the Moon
    (Bondi Cigars)

    Sample 3:
    (Mid-tempo blues)

    October 2016 jam

    Never Make Your Move Too Soon
    (Nesbert Jr. Hooper, Will Jennings)

    (Orientation corrects after a few seconds!)

    Lucy Fisher
  • Lucy Fisher - singer

  • Lucy Fisher began her singing career at a very young age, and at the age of 16 began performing jazz and top 40 songs in a few local Sydney venues. In her early 20’s she had a residency at a local jazz gig and also covered her ground well as a rock vocalist with Sydney bands. She has recorded 2 solo albums and has an award for her contribution to world music in 2004 for her song writing with HMA.

    Lucy, for the past 30 years, has been a vocal teacher and coach, and is highly regarded for her effective teaching style, and restorative vocal health techniques. She has performed to audiences from 25 people to 25,000, covering venues such as The Hordern Pavilion, the Sydney Entertainment Centre, and the Acer Arena at Olympic Park in NSW. She has also performed in the USA, UK, Europe and Asia.

    Lucy has also worked on TV commercials and stage productions, has been a vocal producer on many albums, and vocal director for 3 world tours. Lucy currently ‘rocks the house’ as the lead vocalist with the Sydney band The Justice Bureau.

    Don Ryan
  • Don Ryan - guitarist & singer

  • Don Ryan has been performing in one way or another since around 1976. Originally as a bass player, Don moved onto guitar in the early 1980's. He has played in groups such as: Ryan, Haid & Hannagan, The Duck, The Jack-Tar Band, Double Vision, Skin Deep, The Blue Healers, and with Dire Straits rhythm guitarist Jack Sonni.

    For the past few years Don has been one half of the duo Once Bitten and since 2012 has been performing a solo act.

    Don brings a wealth of experience to the house band.

    John Fraser
  • John Fraser - drummer & singer

  • John Fraser has been playing drums for over 35 years, 7 as a professional in Sydney. He has drummed for Johnny Devlin, Jade Hurly, Laurel Lee, Dinah Lee, Smoky Dawson and others. He has also played in support bands for The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Frank Ifield, Leon Russel and Johnny Cash. John has played many different styles of music from Old Time Dance to Heavy Pub Rock. In 1980 he was a member of Grand Junction when they won a Golden Guitar for Best Country Band.

    John currently drums for several bands on the NSW Far South Coast.

    John Drews
  • John Drews - keys

  • John (JD) Drews started performing in the early 1960s, playing guitar. But on hearing Jimmy Smith and Br. Jack McDuff in late 1965, he went off to Harry Landis' music store on Park Street, Sydney, and bought his first organ. In 1967 he traded-in his Vox Continental Twin for his first Hammond and Leslie.

    John played the pub and nightclub scene in Sydney for the next twenty or so years, playing first in some of the early Sydney soul bands, and then later in more traditional pub rock bands with people such as Robbie Souter, Mark Punch, Bill Motzing, Renee Geyer, John "Uncle" Eyers, Arthur Eisenberg, Frank Klaassen, and many more. He then worked as a senior lecturer at the National Art School, Sydney. From 1985 John worked as an art director and SFX director in the film industry.

    John moved to the Far South Coast in 2003 to concentrate on his first passion, painting, and his other passion, wind surfing.

    In 2014, he met up with Peter Reid of the PBGB (Pambula Beach Garage Band), then Kenny Vatcher, Dave Crowden and Andy O'Donnell and subsequently became the fourth member of The Figmentz.

    Paulo Leeder
  • Paul (Paulo) Leeder - bass player

  • Paul (Paulo) Leeder has been playing bass for many a year, in various styles. But his first love is the blues and he plays with passion.

    "Playing the blues is my first love. Blues is pretty broad when you get down to it - slow blues, jump blues, jazz blues, swing blues, electric blues, acoustic blues, Chicago blues... I'm not allergic to other genres; I just really love the blues in all its forms." - Paulo

    In the early days he worked with Melbourne bands Atlas and Thin Ice, amongst others, and did short tours with Angry Anderson, Jeff St John and Wendy Saddington. Later years saw Paulo in the Bega Valley with Haid, Hannagan & Leeder. In the 1990's he worked and recorded with The Sleepwalkers and Pace.

    Paulo currently works and records with the Chris Harland Blues Band and the Dorothy-Jane Band as well as freelancing with other touring acts (e.g. Ali Penney, Blue Eyes Cry, Pearlnoire Blues Show).

  • and occasional guest players.

  • Meet the CBC team...

    Let's not forget the rest of the Candelo Blues Club team:

    The CBC Team
  • The CBC Team

  • The CBC Team, pictured here with Candelo Hotel publican, Keith Cummings.

    L-R: Heather Leeder, Keith Cummings, Sally Foster, Paul (Paulo) Leeder.

    Not pictured: Gary Dahan, Adam Twyford, Simon Smith and John McVeity (see below).

    Heather Leeder
  • Heather Leeder - assistant

  • Heather Leeder ably assists Paulo and the rest of the team in a myriad of ways. Ever-smiling and unflappable in a crisis, she meets-and-greets, liaises with hotel management, herds grandchildren, reminds Paulo what he's forgotten to do, collects email addresses, and much more...

    Sally Foster
  • Sally Foster - photographer

  • Sally Foster wasn't expecting to become the official CBC photographer but circumstances conspired to see her in that very role. Besides home-schooling her three children, Sally finds time to take creative photos at the jam and to edit them for publication on the CBC Facebook page. We're delighted to have her on the team.

    If you'd like to obtain copies of any of Sally's photographs sans watermark, please contact her at the next jam, or by email (, or contact Paulo with your request.

    Paulo Leeder
  • Paul (Paulo) Leeder - boss

  • Paul (Paulo) Leeder is the instigator, organiser, facilitator, delegator, alligator, equipment lugger, jam manager, webmaster, occasional MC, house band leader, bass player, buck stopper, newsletter editor, general dogsbody, fixer-upper, etc...

    Gary Dahan
  • Gary Dahan - events driver

  • Gary Dahan is the CBC's "events driver" and also has a long pedigree as a pro drummer. He likes to get things done and doesn't waste time once an idea germinates. Gary is another fine asset to the Club.

    Adam Twyford
  • Adam Twyford - audio engineer

  • Adam Twyford is passionate about audio production, providing sound for a number of groups, many that he has performed in. He is a fine drummer using a colossal range of percussion instruments. He has played in numerous local line-ups in the Bega Valley, from duos to five-piece bands. From set-up to pack-up, Adam is heavily involved in every aspect of performing. He is professional and dedicated, and brings a wealth of experience to the team.

    Simon Smith
  • Simon Smith - audio engineer

  • Simon Smith has been around audio production for many years and, like Adam Twyford, is also a fine drummer. He is a professional who brings a wealth of experience to the team.

    John McVeity
  • John McVeity - audio engineer

  • John McVeity is a first-class audio engineer and is also a talented bass player. He is another professional who brings a wealth of experience to the team.

    Friends of the CBC...

    Many of our supporters have told us how much they value the musical entertainment provided by the regular monthly Club jams and marvel at how it can be provided free of charge. Well, we’d like to keep it that way but the reality is that your financial support is really needed to help recoup our setup costs and keep the jam running.

    The donations box is there on jam day but we’d also like to acknowledge an additional level of our dedicated supporters by listing them as Friends of the CBC.

    We hope that, over time, the generosity of these Friends will enable us to make additional purchases to improve the delivery of Club events.

    Friends also have the opportunity to provide feedback and input to Club activities. And they have the satisfaction of furthering their support of this community service event.

    Business houses, corporate entities and individuals are all invited to apply. If you'd like to join the ranks of valued Friends of the CBC, talk to Paulo.

    FRIENDS of the CBC:

  • Candelo Hotel

  • Neil & Suzanne Charnock

  • Magpie Music, Bega NSW, Australia

  • Peter Lewis

  • Gary Dahan & Karen Warren

  • Club Sapphire, Merimbula NSW, Australia

  • Phillip Howe Consulting

  • Merchandise...

    We have a limited range of merchandise for sale to interested Club supporters. At present we can offer both adults' and children's T-shirts in various sizes. They are of excellent quality, black (adults') or white (children's) in colour, printed on both back and front with the red Candelo Blues Club name.

    Candelo Blues Club T-shirt BACK Candelo Blues Club T-shirt FRONT

    Adult sizes are: S, M, L, XL and 2XL.

    Price: $25.00.

    Candelo Blues Club T-shirt BACK Candelo Blues Club T-shirt FRONT

    Child sizes are: XS (2-4), S (4-6), M (6-8), L (10-12) and XL (14-16).

    Price: $20.00

    We also have adult-sized polo shirts which are embroidered on front only with the red Candelo Blues Club name.

    Candelo Blues Club polo shirt FRONT

    Adult sizes are: S, M, L, XL and 2XL.

    Price: $35.00.

    If we don't have your size in stock we'll be happy to order it for you.

    Enquire at the next jam, or contact us by email or phone to place your order.

    Wear your Club T-shirt with pride and tell the world you're part of something special!


    For further information about the Candelo Blues Club please contact Paulo by -

  • phone: 0438 353 133

  • email:

  • post: PO Box 4104, Candelo NSW 2550

  • ...or Visit, Like and Share us on our Facebook page.

    Some links...

    If you'd like to see your link here, contact Paulo.

  • Canberra Blues Society - Promoting the blues throughout the capital region, Australia

  • Candelo Arts Society - Established in 1986, CAS promotes art of all facets in the Bega Valley region of NSW

  • Hume Blues Club @ The Shake Shack, 19 Harding St, Coburg, Vic - Live blues music venue in the Victorian Northern Suburbs. Hume Blues Club @ The Shake Shack hosts weekly blues jam nights and monthly showcases & blues events. A hangout for blues and roots music enthusiasts and budding blues artists who are encouraged to come along to perform and network with like-minded blues musicians.

  • Magpie Music, Bega NSW - Keith and Liz Broomfield of Magpie Music are supporters, friends and sponsors of the CBC.

  • Maldon Blues Club, Vic - Promoting blues music and artists in the Central Goldfields area (Maldon, Castlemaine and Bendigo). Our aim is to attract people to our historic town and to become a premium musical attraction in the area.

  • Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society is a not-for-profit blues club that aims to bring together blues enthusiasts, blues artists and budding musicians and support and promote Australian blues artists locally and overseas.

  • Sydney Blues Society - Blues is alive in Sydney, Australia

  • is your online blues loving community. If you love the blues, this is the place for you.

  • Mailing lists...

    If you'd like to have your email address added to one or more mailing lists, please contact Paulo or fill in the form below indicating which list(s) you wish to join:

    The Candelo Blues Club mailing list; and/or
    Paulo's mailing list.
    The Candelo Blues Club regular mailing list
    Paulo's occasional mailing list
    Your Name:
    E-mail Address:



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